Laravel CRUD generator for admin panel

Developers around the world are using Admiko to save 90% coding time, while creating a better admin panel with super clean code.

Laravel CRUD generator for admin panel

Laravel CRUD Generator Explained

We consistently deliver value

Building an Laravel admin panel with CRUD generator saves developers valuable time, brings project tasks and goals back in focus, and enormously reduces development costs. Our unique service is the game-changer for your day-to-day work and will jump-start your business!

  • 20x


    In developing admin panels, tables, forms, and databases.

  • 90%


    In time needed for development, debugging, and error-fixing, as well as in cost.

  • 70%


    In developers’ performance, productivity, and client satisfaction.

Challenges in building admin panel

Admin panels manage data in a database and are an integral part of a website or an application. Developers' work is largely repetitive and tedious. Nevertheless, the admin dashboard must be custom-made and tailored to different databases and front-end structures.

You have certainly run into challenges that make admin panel development unnecessarily complex and time-consuming. With our solution, you can eliminate many of these challenges with just a few mouse clicks and without writing a single line of code.

Admiko is for you if the following rings a bell:

Writing and updating the code

Writing or updating the code relies on logic to properly develop and connect the database and the front end, but it is often tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming work prone to mistakes.

Testing & Debugging

Badly written code leads to poor performance and client frustration. The errors are often very difficult to detect and their fixing will cost you time and money.

Template integration

Linking the front-end to the back-end can be quite challenging if the two developers think differently. It can cause broken page functionality and cost you time and money.


Keeping knowledge and skills up to date requires permanent learning and improvement, which is time-consuming and must be balanced with work performance and productivity.

Team work

Having more than one developer working on the same project makes it difficult to keep the code clean and organized, even more so if some are newly hired either beginners or junior developers.

Less Coding, More Everything Else

6 good reasons to use Admiko

How it works

Our solution for building Admin Panel

Our professional online CRUD generator makes building an admin panel as easy as sending an email. With our unique technology you save valuable time in day-to-day work and focus on other important tasks and issues.

1. Design your page

Create a page using the graphical user interface. Set up the page layout and functionality with the Table and Form builder. There is no coding!

2. Install and Import files

Set up Laravel on your server, and import pages you have created in Step 1. Admiko CRUD generator creates all the files for your project.

3. Use it!

That’s it, your Laravel dashboard is ready.

No-Code solution!

Our Years of Experience

Your benefits with Admiko

  • Time saving

    Save valuable time by using our online Laravel CRUD generator to build admin panels. You don't have to worry about coding, errors, and testing; instead, use your time for other important tasks.

  • Cost savings

    Increase efficiency, improve development performance, and in the long term benefit from significant cost and resource savings.

  • User friendly

    You, the end-users and developers come first. Therefore, we offer compelling, beautiful, as well as functional user interfaces and dashboard templates.

  • Code flexibility

    Regardless or rather due to the nocode characteristic of Admiko it is very easy to customize source and implement custom functionality.

How easy is it to create an Admin Panel?

Check the video to get a better idea of how easy it is to use Admiko and how it works.

Few Mouse Clicks Away

CRUD generator features


Dramatically reduce development time generating model, controller and view files for you instantly. Focus on more important tasks.

Testing-free environment

You can avoid tedious testing because we generate consistent and well-structured model, controller and view files.

CRUD generator

Admiko uses Laravel framework code to build a Laravel dashboard. Therefore, there are no plugins and CRUD commands for users to learn.


Table pagination & search

You can select either JavaScript or the backend pagination for the number of table entries, pagination, and search.

Child pages

You can create an unlimited number of parent-child page relations.

Google & Bing maps

Google and Bing maps are integrated into Admiko.


Breadcrumbs are linked to all pages for rapid navigation.

SEO elements

With one click, add important SEO elements to your page.

Admin users

Admiko offers management of users and their access levels.

User interface

Easy image handling

It was never easier! You can upload, resize, and crop pictures as well as create thumbnail images with only a few mouse clicks.

File type selection

File upload can be filtered by type and size.

Multiple file upload

You can upload more than one file/image to your page at a time.

Multiple delete

It is easy to delete multiple records at the same time.

Drag-and-drop reordering

Update table order with easy drag-and-drop sorting.

Required fields

Admiko provides backend validation of form with the required fields.

Page templates

Create a template from your page and use it in other projects.

Dashboard templates

It is easy to switch between or customize templates.


It is easy to translate to any chosen language.

User Experience

What do our users say about us

This tool is insane! It generates a professional CMS for you in minutes and the code it generates is super clean!

Joseph, USA

Perfect platform!

Karl, Germany

Admiko is the best software I've used. Tables, pages and files are well organised and I can't even imagine working without Admiko.

Nikolaos, Greece


Maya, India

Give it 15 minutes and you will realize how simple and powerful this CRUD generator is. Thank you!

Jose, Brazil

One of the best Laravel admin template builders I found ever. Still exploring. Great effort. Thanks

Carolina, Spain

The BEST CMS for Laravel! Simple user interface panel and fast page generator make it great for any website. CRUD is working flawlessly and generated pages are easy to use. Clients didn't notice any difference between handwritten code and generated pages delivered by Admiko.

David, Austria

After the first projects I'm totally blown away. Simple, fast and flexible. CRUD generator on steroids!

Leonardo, Italy

On the other hand, I aimed to use Admiko to make CRUD panels in a shorter time. No matter how easy Laravel made our job, after a while I got bored of repeating the same things :)))

Mateo, Mexico

I have never worked with a good CMS like this. You deserve congratulations for a great job.

Peter, Tanzania

I built a Laravel admin panel for my personal site in less than an hour, while still being allowed to use Laravel and all of its power.

Jakob, Slovenia

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About Admiko

What is Admiko?

Admiko is a visual Laravel admin panel builder created with love for Laravel. It is so much more than a CRUD generator that it is built around. Admiko will help you create and edit admin panel as quickly as possible, save you a lot of time on repetitive tasks, and dramatically increase your productivity and project delivery rate.

Admiko is not a Laravel package, there are no package dependencies, and you are free from learning new commands.

The process of creating an admin panel by building forms and tables, configuring, installing, and importing files is as simple as possible. However, the simplicity of the design process does not lead to a simple admin panel. We take special care to create tools with advanced functionality, which you can set up with just a few mouse clicks.

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Common Question

Questions & answers

What is an Admin Panel?

The administration panel, administration interface, or the admin panel is where you or your client add, edit, and update the front-end website content. In short, the admin panel is where the content of a website is created and managed. A well-built admin panel increases productivity and adds up to your business’ revenue by enabling you to create and edit a website content as quickly as possible.

What is a Laravel CRUD generator?

Laravel is a popular and well known open-source PHP Framework. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. CRUD generator is a tool that enables manipulation and maintenance of files, images, and data in the database.

Is Admiko a Laravel CRUD generator?

It is so much more than a Laravel CRUD generator. Admiko is built around a Laravel CRUD generator but provides numerous additional options. It can be classified as an advanced Laravel 8 and Laravel 9 CRUD generator.

Can I use Admiko for commercial purposes?

You can use Admiko for your clients or yourself but you can not sell it or charge clients for Admiko services. You can not sell any Admiko files or part of the code as a template/admin template or as a part of the dashboard (or admin dashboard) on your website or on the platforms that are used for selling admin templates, codes and dashboard panels (or dashboard template) without proper resale license. Please contact us.

Is Admiko available offline?

You have to be online when using Admiko but later on you can work on your project offline.

Is there a CRUD demo?

Open a free account and give it a try. Or take a quick check of the YouTube video and see how fast this Laravel CRUD generator is.

Do I have to learn php artisan or composer commands?

No, Admiko CRUD generator has a simple user interface so there is no need to learn php artisan, composer, or GitHub.

Which version of Laravel is supported by Admiko?

Admiko supports Laravel 8 (requires PHP 7.4) and Laravel 9 (requires PHP 8). There is no support for Laravel 5, 6, and 7.

Do I need GitHub account for Admiko?

No, you don't need an account on GitHub.

Do you provide API generator with Laravel?

Yes, API generator will be available in next release.

Is it available on GitHub as an open source repository/package?

No, Admiko is not available on GitHub as an open source package.

Can I create an admin panel from an existing database?

Yes, it is possible to use the existing database to build your admin panel.

Which tech is used & what are the requirements?

Laravel admin template is based on jQuery and Bootstrap, and Laravel 8 (requires PHP 7.4) and Laravel 9 (requires PHP 8) are supported. PHP and Mysql server are required.

Who can use Admiko Laravel generator?

Admiko can be used by all those who need an admin panel in Laravel to complete their jobs, by amateur programmers, junior and senior developers, and agencies.