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Deliver admin dashboard fast. Really fast!
Save a LOT of time with Admiko, advanced Laravel CRUD generator!

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How it works

Create your Laravel admin panel in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Design

Create a page, then use Form and Table editor to set up layout and functionality.

Step 2: Install and Import

Download Admiko installation files, upload files to your server, and import pages you have created in Step 1.

Step 3: Use

That’s it, your admin panel for Laravel is ready to use!

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Short video introduction

How easy is it to create an Admin Panel?

Check the video to get a better idea of how easy it is to create an admin panel and how Admiko works.

This tool is insane! It generates a professional CMS for you in minutes and the code it generates is super clean!

Joseph Cohen

Team Red Studio, New York
Give it 15 minutes and you will realize how simple and powerful it is. Thank you!

Aleksandar Milenkovic

Web Developer, Serbia

Work smarter not harder

Get more done in less time while keeping code flexibility.


Rapid and comfortable design of an Laravel admin panel will save you a lot of time and money.


You will avoid programming errors and misspellings because Admiko generates consistent and well-structured code.


Easy one-click file import will do all the work for you and you can use your page straight away. Admiko takes care of testing for you.


Admiko uses plain framework code, its methods, and functions, which save you from learning new commands and functions.

User friendly

You, the end-users and admin panel developers come first. Therefore, we offer compelling, beautiful, as well as functional user interfaces and admin panel templates.

Code Flexibility

Regardless or rather due to the no-code characteristic of Admiko it is very easy to customize admin panel source code and implement custom functionality.

About Admiko

What is Admiko?

Admiko is a visual admin panel builder created with love for Laravel. It is so much more than a CRUD generator that it is built around. Admiko will help you create and edit admin panel as quickly as possible, save you a lot of time on repetitive tasks, and dramatically increase your productivity and project delivery rate.

Admiko is not a Laravel package, there are no package dependencies, and you are free from learning new commands.

The process of creating an admin panel by building forms and tables, configuring, installing, and importing files is as simple as possible. However, the simplicity of the design process does not lead to a simple admin panel. We take special care to create tools with advanced functionality, which you can set up with just a few mouse clicks.

Features & Benefits

It was never so easy. Use Admiko and with a few mouse clicks, create a powerful admin panel for your next project.


Dramatically reduce development time. Focus on more important tasks.

Testing-free environment

You can avoid tedious testing and use your page immediately after importing it.

Source code

Admiko uses framework code to build an admin panel. Therefore, there are no plugins and commands for users to learn.


Table pagination & search

You can select either JavaScript or the backend pagination for the number of table entries, pagination, and search.

Child pages

You can create an unlimited number of parent-child page relations.

Google & Bing maps

Google and Bing maps are integrated into Admiko.


Breadcrumbs are linked to all pages for rapid navigation.

SEO elements

With one click, add important SEO elements to your page.

Admin panel users

Admiko offers management of users and their access levels.

User interface

Easy image handling

It was never easier! You can upload, resize, and crop pictures as well as create thumbnail images with only a few mouse clicks.

File type selection

File upload can be filtered by type and size.

Multiple file upload

You can upload more than one file/image to your page at a time.

Multiple delete

It is easy to delete multiple records at the same time.

Drag-and-drop reordering

Update table order with easy drag-and-drop sorting.

Required fields

Admiko provides backend validation of forms with the required fields.

Page templates

Create a template from your page and use it in other projects.

Admin panel templates

It is easy to switch between or customize templates.


It is easy to translate to any chosen language.

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Questions & Answers

What is an Admin Panel?

The Administration Panel (or the admin panel) is where you or your client add, edit, and update the front-end website content. In short, the admin panel is where the content of a website is created and managed.
A well-built admin panel increases productivity and adds up to your business’ revenue by enabling you to create and edit a website content as quickly as possible.

What is a CRUD generator?

CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. CRUD generator is a tool that enables file manipulation and maintenance.

Is Admiko a Laravel CRUD generator?

Admiko is so much more than a Laravel CRUD generator. It is built around a Laravel CRUD generator; however, it provides numerous additional options. Therefore, Admiko can be classified as an advanced Laravel 8 CRUD generator.

How much does Admiko cost & how does the licensing work?

Early access is free of charge and it comes with all rights for commercial use.

Is there a demo?

If you don't have time to test it now, please watch the 2 min video for a quick introduction.

Which tech is used & what are the requirements?

Admiko admin template is based on jQuery and Bootstrap. The backend is in Laravel 8 framework code and requires PHP 7.4