Global Settings

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Global Settings

The Global Settings page allows you to manage the default values and configurations for new projects. These settings will not affect any previously created projects and will only apply to the projects created after the changes are made.

Table Settings

Table Width: Set the default width of the tables in your projects.

Hide ID from Table View: Choose whether to hide the ID column from the table view.

Use Soft Delete: Enable the soft delete functionality for your pages, which marks records as deleted instead of permanently removing them.

Use Ajax for Tables: Enable the Ajax-based functionality for tables, thus providing a smoother and more responsive user experience.

Use Auditable Logs: Enable the auditable logs to track and record changes made to your project, maintaining the audit trail.

Disable Show Page on Table: Disable the show page for tables, preventing users from accessing the detailed view of individual records directly from the table.

Form Settings

Form Width: Set the default width of the forms in your projects.

Image Width in Pixels: Set the default width of the image fields in pixels.

Image Height in Pixels: Set the default height of the image fields in pixels.

WebP Support: Enable the WebP support for images. This will enable you to use the WebP image format for improved efficiency and performance.

Image Folder: Specify the default folder where the uploaded images will be stored.

File Folder: Specify the default folder where the uploaded files will be stored.

Display Checkbox as Switch: Choose whether to display checkboxes as switches, which provides a more modern and intuitive interface for checkbox inputs.

Project Settings

Add User, Roles, Permissions: Enable the functionality to add users, roles, and permissions to your projects, allowing for fine-grained access control.

Multi-tenancy by users: Allow users to see the records of other users.

Multi-tenancy by team: Group users into teams.

Create Language Files for Each Page: Generate the language files for each page in your project, making it easier to manage and localize the project's content.

Use the Global Settings page to configure the default values and options for your new projects, tailoring them to your specific requirements and preferences.